M44B20T Forced Induction


4032    Forged

16cc     Dish

9.0:1    Compression Ratio

295g    Weight

Bore Ø       85.00mm

Compression height  28mm

Valve pockets depth  

Intake        4.0mm

Exhaust     3.5mm 

Pin             22x56mm

Rings         1.2 1.2 2.8mm 


4 pistons, 4 rings sets, 4 wrist pins and 8 clips

CUSTOM Piston kit

Deck height 212.15mm

Rod Lenght 140mm

Stroke 88.00mm

Deck clearance 0.15mm

Gasket Thickness 1.74mm

Piston wall clearance 0.04mm
TOP Ring end gap 0.4mm
Second ring end gap 0.4mm
Oil ring end gap 0.25-0.5mm

M44B20T CR 9.0:1

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