M54B30 Natural Aspiration


4032         Forged

2mm         Dome height

14:1          Compression Ratio

Bore Ø       84.00

Compression height  26.2mm

Valve pockets depth  

Intake        3.0mm

Exhaust     3.0mm 

Pin             22x56mm

Rings         1.2 1.2 2.0mm 

Full kit:

6 pistons, 6 TPR ring sets, 6 wrist pins and 12 clips

Deck Height    211mm M52TU/M54B

Con Rod          140mm

Stroke              89.60mm

Installation specs for natural aspiration engines
Piston wall clearance 0.05mm
Ring End Gap
Top 0.5mm
Second 0.4mm
Oil 0.25-0.50mm

M54B30 CR 14:1

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