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M54B30 Natural Aspiration

General tech:

4032 Forged

10.5 Compression Ratio

Analog for 11 25 7 506 224, MAHLE 083 13 01

Deteiled tech specs:

Bore Ø              84.00(+0.25)(+0.50)mm

Compression height  28.3mm 

Pin                 22mm

Fire land           6mm

Piston rings        1.5+1.5+2.0mm 

Valve pocket depth  1.5 mm

Weight              281g


6 mm Fire land 

1.5 mm valve pocket depth

No longer oil burning

Reliable rings from M50B25 engine in kit

6 oil drain holes 3mm diameter each

2 bottom 2mm oiler for pin lubrication

84.00 in stock

84.25 in stock

84.50 in stock

Default size 84.25mm

84.00mm and 84.50mm available by request. Contact with us phone(Whatsapp, Viber) or e-mail

Full kit: 6 pistons,6 ring sets,6 pins and 12 clips

Piston wall clearance 0.05-0.06mm
Ring End Gap
Top 0.2-0.3mm
Second 0.2-0.4mm
Oil 0.25-0.5mm

M54B30 84.00(+0.25)mm Natural Aspiration

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